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Learn how to set yourself up for success in a way that works with your ADHD, not against it.

The ultimate 7 course bundle!

This course bundle includes the courses, mini-workshops, and e-workbooks that focus on productivity and ADHD education. These courses are what Coach Kristina goes over in the first month of coaching ($1,000 value) for $77!

ADHD-Friendly Goal-Setting On-Demand Workshop & Workbook

Are you tired of setting goals that never quite seem to work for you?

Our on-demand workshop and workbook are designed to help you set yourself up for success in a way that works with your ADHD, not against

Unlock the secret to maximizing your productivity and enhancing your well-being

  • Identify Your Energy Cycles: Tailor your day to match your natural rhythms.

  • Boosted Productivity: Learn strategies that align with your ADHD.

  • Improved Well-being: Find balance and reduce overwhelm.

Conquer Imposter Syndrome: Tailored Strategies for ADHD Professionals

  • Celebrate your achievements and recognize your unique talents.

  • Challenge and change negative self-talk into positive, empowering thoughts.

  • Build habits and strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome and boost your growth.

Batching Like a Boss: Increase Productivity and Stay Focused

  • Grasp the essence of batching and its power in boosting productivity.

  • Uncover strategies for organizing and prioritizing tasks.

  • Create a schedule that elevates the advantages of batching.

Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria, Leadership

  • Learn what Rejection Sensitivity is and how it manifests

  • What to do when you experience RSD

  • RSD's impact on your leadership

I'm Kristina Proctor, a professional ADHD coach & marketing pro.

I spent 15 years working in corporate America with ADHD and dyslexia and learned how to work WITH my brain.

Now I want to share those learnings with you so you too, can reach your audacious goals.

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