Unshakeable Career Coaching Program

Discover a world where ADHD is not a limitation but a unique strength, skill, and source of creativity in your professional life.

Make ADHD Your Professional Advantage

Dive into a wealth of real-world insights, proven strategies, and personalized approaches, each tailored to turn every ADHD challenge into an opportunity.

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to unveil your unique strengths.

Personalized goal audits offering valuable feedback aligning with your career aspirations.

Comprehensive ADHD-specific resources designed to compliment and empower your journey.

A Journey Tailored for You

Your ADHD is unique, and so is our approach. Our program unfolds in three strategic phases, each

designed to empower, elevate, and excel.

Phase 1:
Set Your Career Vision

Carve a personalized career trajectory, set achievable goals, and discover routines designed for your brain.

Phase 2:

Advocate for Yourself

Harness tools, scripts, and strategies to foster an empowering professional environment.

Phase 3:
Master Your


Step into a world where your goals are not just set but achieved, celebrated, and built upon.

Unshakeable Career ADHD Coaching Program

ADHD shouldn't be a detour from your dreams and aspirations.

This specialized 3-month ADHD coaching program is designed exclusively around your unique needs so you can transition from just surviving to authentically thriving.

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Our Client Reviews

"I was really feeling stuck when I started meeting with Kristina, but after 3 sessions together, I started to feel excited about my life again... and now that I have a better sense of what it takes to break big goals down into smaller bites, I feel like anything is possible, and I have a much sturdier sense of self. If you’re looking for someone to help you achieve personal or career goals in a practical no gimmicks way, Kristina is unparalleled at what she does."

- Aimee S.

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