Digital Tools to work with your ADHD

Made by a neurodivergent brain, for neurodivergent brains

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Creating ADHD-Friendly Goals

Hit your big, audacious goals without burning out

On-Demand Courses

ADHD-Friendly Goal-Setting On-Demand Workshop & Workbook


Are you tired of setting goals that never quite seem to work for you?

Our on-demand workshop and workbook are designed to help you set yourself up for success in a way that works with your ADHD, not against

Goal-Setting Spreadsheet Template


Introducing the ultimate tool for goal setting - our comprehensive goal-setting spreadsheet!

Designed with your needs in mind, this spreadsheet offers a range of features to help you easily achieve your goals.

Energy Masters

Understanding Your Energy Patterns Mini-Workshop

By learning how to track and analyze your energy levels, you will be empowered to make informed decisions about task scheduling and energy management. Through the accompanying workbook and google sheet, you unravel the mysteries behind your ADHD energy levels, and gain the tools to unlock your "omnipotential!"

I'm Kristina Proctor, a professional ADHD coach & marketing pro.

I spent 15 years working in corporate America with ADHD and dyslexia and learned how to work WITH my brain.

Now I want to share those learnings with you so you too, can reach your audacious goals.

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