Kristina Proctor - Amplifying Neurodiversity, One Engagement at a Time

I'm Kristina Proctor, and I'm more than just an ADHD Coach and Corporate Educator; consider me your catalyst for change in the complex realm of neurodiversity. My nearly 15-year journey through the worlds of digital marketing, analytics, and corporate strategy has equipped me with a deep understanding of the corporate landscape. But what drives me is my commitment to aiding adults with ADHD to better understand and navigate their unique mental landscapes in a world that often misunderstands or overlooks them.

Having ADHD and flourishing in the corporate sector has given me a lived experience that informs my coaching. I'm not here to merely talk theories; I'm offering practical tools and coping strategies that have worked for me. When I'm not actively engaged in transforming lives or excelling in my professional domain, I contribute to my community, dedicate time to my family, and staunchly believe that with enough information and training, you can achieve anything.

Why Choose Me for Your Next Event?

  • Nuanced Expertise

    With me, you're not just getting textbook advice. You're engaging with someone who has grappled with ADHD while ascending corporate ladders. My multi-layered approach promises to give you strategies that are as complex as they are actionable.

  • Customized Solutions

    Whether it’s a corporate seminar, an interactive HR workshop, or a keynote at an ADHD association event, I adapt, innovate, and personalize each engagement. The result? A transformative experience that transcends traditional learning, sowing seeds of change, empathy, and collective growth.

  • Meaningful Impact

    Get ready to be empowered! My key insights are designed to prompt you into taking concrete steps that will resonate both personally and professionally. Areas of Expertise I Cover in My Talks

  • ADHD Education

    I break down the complexities of ADHD, offering both scientific insights and practical advice for managing daily challenges.

  • Training on Neurodiversity

    Dive deep into the spectrum of neurodiverse traits, and how they contribute to individual and collective success.

  • Energy Management

    Learn how to better manage your energy rather than just your time, a crucial skill for anyone, but particularly vital for those with ADHD.

  • Accommodations Recommendations for ADHDers

    I share effective strategies and specific accommodations that can make life and work more manageable for those with ADHD.

  • ADHD-Friendly Goal Setting

    Discover how to set achievable, motivating goals that align with your unique cognitive style.

  • Productivity

    I offer concrete tips and techniques to boost productivity without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

  • Routines and Systems

    Learn how establishing routines can create a more predictable and less stressful environment.

  • Policy Review

    I can provide recommendations on how to review existing policies to ensure they are inclusive and supportive of neurodiverse individuals.

  • Harnessing ADHD Super Powers

    Explore how to capitalize on the unique strengths and talents that come with having ADHD.

  • How to Empower and Engage Neurodiverse Employees

    I provide managers and HR professionals with tools and strategies to create a workplace that fully engages its neurodiverse talent.

  • Change Management

    I offer insights into effectively leading teams through organizational change, taking into account the unique needs and strengths of neurodiverse individuals.

  • Tech Stack for ADHD & Teams

    Find out which technologies can best support neurodiverse teams in achieving their objectives.

  • Procrastination and Overwhelm

    I tackle the root causes of procrastination and offer solutions to overcome the sense of overwhelm it can create.

  • Imagination Flexibility™

    Explore this proprietary concept that teaches how to leverage one's natural flexibility and creativity, key traits in the neurodiverse population.

Partner with me and move beyond mere adaptation to mastery in the complex landscape of workplace neurodiversity. Every engagement is a significant stride towards a world where individuality is celebrated, diversity strengthens, and inclusivity paves the way for organizational triumph. Welcome to Neurodivergent Ventures, where every voice counts, each attribute is recognized, and every person is honored.

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