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Gift Giving for ADHDers

ADHD Holiday Gift Ideas

December 02, 20236 min read

Ideas for professionals and business owners with ADHD... Here's what I have tested, use, and recommend

I have tried, purchased, and/or currently use these items below! I want to share them with you if you are looking for gift or stocking stuffer ideas for yourself OR for another in your life.

Gift Ideas for the Work-from-home ADHDers 

Gift ideas for working from home

I work out of my home and I have realized that it takes some time to figure out what works for me to

ensure I am comfortable to get my work done. Also, I want to share some things that I am surprised that I use almost daily, if not hourly. 

1. Small Heated Blanket

Who this is great for: ADHDers who have trouble with temperature regulation... I can't be the only one

I bought this for my bedroom because it's usually chilly, but I quickly migrated it to my office because I got chilly in there too and suddenly I realized that I was having trouble sitting still because I was COLD. 🥶

This is a blanket that has a timer on it so it turns off, so I won't leave it on
if when I get distracted.

Get the heated blanket >>

1. Visual Timer

Who this is great for: ADHDers who have time blindness, are challenged with doing boring tasks

I have time blindness, I admit that. I also am that flavor of ADHD that needs momentum to get those boring tasks done. So this visual timer helps me 'see' time go by and understand that some tasks don't take as long as I thought AND it helps me activate the competition in my head when I need to get certain activities done, I turn on this time and go!

I am literally use it to write this gift idea round up! :) This is one of the FIRST items I recommend to my 1:1 and my monthly member clients when learning how to get momentum with their work.

Get the Visual Timer >>

ADHDers looking to level up, set up routines, and hit their goals in 2024

1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

Who this is great for: ADHDers who are looking for ideas and support for habit formation*

While starting habits is sometimes difficult for ADHDers, this book is a great way to introduce how

Gifts for people who want to set goals

seemingly small, intentional steps can get you where you want to go, even when it seems impossible. I am an ADHD that has struggled with routines and systems and this book made me feel less alone in feeling like my odds were insurmountable. With the right care, intention, and micro steps, we can achieve our big goals... starting with small steps.

*Note: while this book is recommended, there are aspects that don't always work for people with ADHD. We do need a nuanced approach. So please take this as a foundation to understand the power of habits and how they work.

View Atomic Habits on Amazon >>

2. ADHD Life Support Series: Creating ADHD-Friendly Goals

Who this is great for: ADHDers who are ready to set goals in a way that honors their brain

Are you determined to set your goals or support someone with ADHD in setting goals in a way that supports and honors their ADHD brain? This workbook is for you. By giving yourself permission to give you the support in ways that activate your unique brain is key, get started and start achieving your big, audacious goals! 

View Creating ADHD-Friendly Goals on Amazon >>

3. ADHD Monthly Membership 

Who this is great for: ADHDers who are looking to level up their career or business, learn about their brain, set and achieve goals, and be held accountable

Unlock your full potential with our ADHD Monthly Membership! Join a vibrant community of individuals like you, where you'll receive expert guidance, personalized coaching, and exclusive resources to transform your ADHD challenges into strengths. Don't miss out on this opportunity to excel in your career, build structure, reduce over-stimulation, pursue your passions, prevent burnout, and set healthy boundaries. Click now to start your journey towards empowerment and success!

Learn More about Monthly Member Coaching >>

Gift ideas for the ADHDers who are readers & learning about their brains

If you are looking to learn about the ADHD brain for yourself or someone you love, I recommend these books to jump into learning and supporting your ADHD.

1. Your Brain's Not Broken by Tamara Rosier, PhD

Who this is great for: ADHDers learning about their brain, People who love ADHDers

Gifts for people with ADHD who like to read

When you are an adult with ADHD or late diagnosed you have, like me, had heard phrases like 'you are so weird!' or 'why can't you just do it?!'. It's exhausting. Well, our brains are wired differently. This book walks through how ADHD affects every aspect of your life. It'll open your eyes and help you understand yourself... especially if you thought it was only about focus or attention span. Spoiler alert, it's not.

Get book on Amazon >>

2. Succeeding With Adult ADHD: Daily Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Manage Your Life

Who this is for: The ADHDer looking for practical steps to support their ADHD and succeed in the life they want.

I really like ADHD 'help' books by professionals. I know it seems odd, and I have read a few that were written by "medical professionals" that don't have ADHD and it's pretty clear that they are only thinking about what 'success' looks like for neurotypicals and they are trying to 'train' us to be like them. 

This book isn't that! This book is well thought out, has 'check-ins' to make sure you wan't 'reading' while not really absorbing, haves caveats knowing that not everything will work for each ADHDer and for each instance! She's thoughtful, well-researched, and freaking kind. 

his book is also an audio book.

View Book on Amazon >>

View the FULL list of recommended books >>

Gifts for ADHDers who like to write, journal, or with a office supply problem.

First of all, I love pens, highlighters, post-its, you name it. If it's a school or office supply, I will want it. I want to go to Office Max or Staples with an unlimited budget and just go crazy. Alas, I have a spending plan and my financial coach and I have made so much progress so I won't. That doesn't mean I can't tell you what works well!

1. Stabilo 0.4 mm Pens & Pastel Highlighters

gifts for people with adhd who like to write

Who is this for: The person who uses an analogy planner, journals, writes things on post-its, or just flat out loves PENS/Highlighters.

I freaking love this brand. I use an analog planner and the pens and highlighters don't bleed through on my Full Focus Planner and on other papers when I'm working outside of my home office.

The pens have a fine tip so I don't have to worry about it being too fat to get my words written decently on a line.

The hightlighters are pastel because I'm an ADHD girlie that can't STAND bright highlight colors. I will get a headache. I which I knew this when when I was in high school and college. So the pastel colors are a kind of accommodation I make for myself. Let's stop assaulting my eyes!

View Pens & Highlighters >>

2. Post-Its

Who this is for: The ADHDers who are ALWAYS writing notes on anything and everything they can reach.

Just make it easier on yourself, write it on a post-it and transfer it to your digital or analog tool. That's it, that's why I'm recommending them.

Get some cool colorful Post-Its! >> 

View the whole Writing & Journaling Idea List >>

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